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A revolutionary Music NFT platform, giving power to the artists and their fans.

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What is EARSHOT?

Earshot is making it easier than ever for musicians to reach their listeners by hosting a user-friendly ground-breaking platform for creating, buying and selling Audio NFTs. We’re bridging the gap between artists and their fans by bringing them directly to each other.

We're making sure artists are properly paid. No more middle men taking advantage of the artists hard work, we're giving the power back to the musicians.

There are no limits to how many times artists tracks can be listened to on streaming sites, making the music not very exclusive to fans. We're giving artists the ability to recreate exclusivity by making limited edition versions of their music with EARSHOT. Remember the days when vinyl records used to have limited runs and fans would go crazy to own 1 out of the 1000 available records? Bring this exclusive content back to fans and allow them to own a piece of your artistic history, whilst ensuring the artist is paid fairly and receives all of their earnings.

What are the benefits of EARSHOT?