The countdown to the EARSHOT Music NFT platform launch.

With the community beta testing phase complete, the platform launch is around the corner and we are officially in our final phases.


The final phases which have been broken down in the below roadmap consist of both minor bug fixes and enhancements that make the creation, buying and selling of music NFTs a process that is simple for both artists and fans.

Once live, we have many amazing enhancements that we plan to add to the platform, even adding the functionality to pay for your Music NFTs using your Credit/Debit card, making the platform the leader in Music NFT user experience and decentralisation.

The Final Phases




  • Smart contract modifications and improvements

  • Database schema improvements

  • Implement Music NFT auction functionality

  • Enhancements to the built in music NFT player

  • Implement new fan engagement "likes" feature

  • Add content filters to improve the music NFT browsing experience

  • Form validations for added security

  • Final round of community beta and bug fixes

Public Beta on the Ethereum Mainnet (Q2)

Platform is officially live (Q2)

Once the platform is live, we will start our next development phases with the focus on enhancing the platform to make it easier for both fans and artists. Upcoming enhancements include:

  • Fiat On-Ramping - The functionality to all fans to pay with their credit/debit card

  • Migration to a new and fast server

  • Profile visual and functional enhancements

  • Social features - allowing NFT buyers and artists to chat

  • Dark mode

  • Verified Artist - allowing artists to have their profile verified as genuine