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Dylan Rhodes, known as Dyl is a recording artist and entrepreneur from Philadelphia, PA. Dyl gained recognition in 2015 with the success of Multi-Platinum hit single “Jordan Belfort” and accompanying tour performing 50+ shows across the US. Dyl’s viral hit peaked at Billboard #25 and was the top college song of 2015. Dyl continues to elevate his music career with independent singles and debut album “Crypto Rich”. As of 2021, Dyl has performed nearly 100 shows with 1M monthly listeners and 200M+ streams worldwide.  

Dyl started a new wave of ‘crypto music’ when he released a crypto rap album. “Crypto Rich” was the first ever original crypto themed music album. Dyl was inspired after diving deep into Ethereum and Bitcoin in 2017. Dyl released the album in 2019, adding 10 new songs with “Crypto Rich Deluxe” in 2020. In March 2021, Dyl released the first ever crypto rap album NFT. “Crypto Rich Deluxe” passed 2M Spotify streams and music videos are made independently by Dyl on Youtube. As of 2021 “Crypto Rich Deluxe” is the top streamed crypto music album worldwide. 



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