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What is $DBUY?

$DBUY serves as the currency of the platform, which is used to create, purchase and sell Music NFTs.

$DBUY is also the DBUY ecosystem’s governance token, which investors can use to participate in a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) structure, ensuring that the project is self-sustaining and does not require a sole proprietor.

It offers a double purpose to secure the future of the project by granting its investors and users the wheel to steer the project in its proper direction.


Why Invest In DBUY?


DBUY is an elastic supply rebase currency that focuses on audio NFTs for musicians and their biggest fans.

Rebasing, also known as the Supply Elasticity function, is a blockchain feature that automatically adjusts the circulating supply at a given time to maintain a price that is pegged to a certain product. Simply put, to avoid price volatility, it is the token supply that adjusts to fit the market demand without changing the percentage of tokens held by each investor. Rather, it alters the number of units they have in their hands to fit the pegged price.


In turn, this system protects consumers from both inflation and deflation by its very design.