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It's no secret that people everyday are making millions from NFT sales, it's all over the news and everybody is talking about it. Take Snoop Dogg for example, who made over $44million in Music NFT sales in 2 weeks. One thing we noticed however is why aren't charities benefiting from this huge trend? This is where the EARSHOT platform comes in.

We're bringing musicians and charities together, to help raise millions for causes that need the most. We're creating the functionality so that musicians can easily donate music to charities. This could be an exclusive live recording, unreleased track, acoustic session or a song written and recorded specifically for that charity. The song can then easily be sold by the charity on their very own Music NFT profile on the EARSHOT platform, with 100% of the proceeds going to the charity itself; you heard right, we don't take a single penny.

What's more, we have a substantial marketing budget, meaning when we partner with charities, we will cover the paid marketing costs, to give their Music NFTs the best possible exposure and to give the charity the best chance of raising millions.

What Are The Benefits?

100% of the funds

We're a community owned platform. This means we have no board of directors, no presidents, no investment companies. We're a community that raised over $4million to make this platform a reality. This is how we can keep the platform 100% free for musicians and charities, with you getting every single penny.

Trending new tech

Be one of the first charities to take advantage of the ever growing new technology that is NFTs. Our platform is solely focused on Music NFTs, which is projected to be the biggest new trend over the next few years. Being one of the first charities using this new technology for fundraising will bring worldwide attention to your cause.

Free paid marketing

We're working with our charity partners to help fund the digital marketing for your campaigns. We have millions reserved for paid marketing and what better way to use that than supporting charities to huge exposure to their Music NFTs; without it costing them a penny.

Team of experts

You have our teams full support. From start to finish with will work with you to make the process as smooth as possible. Our team is built up of music industry and crypto NFT experts, giving you the best chance of success.




Worldwide exposure

Don't limit yourself to fundraising in your area/country. Crypto is worldwide and our platform will allow you to introduce a new fundraising channel to your strategy, that has a far larger global reach than you'd have originally been able to achieve.


Easy to use platform

We've spent the last year developing our platform to make it the best on the market. Our team have years of experience in music and platform management, so you'll be in safe hands.

A member of our team will always be here to support you with any queries that you may have.

Want To Partner With Us?


Initially we're working with just a select few charities and we are now in the process of onboarding them. Why just a few charities you ask? We want to make sure that our team are giving the personal time and effort into making your Music NFT fundraising campaign the biggest success possible. From supporting you with onboarding all the way to a digital marketing strategy, our team will be there to work with you through this exciting fundraising project.

We have already partnered with a select few charities, with news to be announced soon of our first music campaigns.

If you're a charity and would like to be considered for a charity partnership, please fill out the below form and a member of our team will be in touch.

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