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Artist Freedom is Coming

It's no surprise that the music industry is worth over $50billion, but it's no surprise that after the record labels and management cuts, the artists see's very little. It's actually quite common for musicians to only see 10% of the revenue from their hard work.

This is where EARSHOT comes in. We're giving the power back to your favourite bands and artists. Giving them control of what they launch, when they launch it and most importantly, giving them 100% of their earnings.


There are no limits to how many times artists tracks can be listened to on streaming sites, making the music not very exclusive to fans. We're giving artists the ability to recreate exclusivity by making limited edition versions of their music with EARSHOT. Remember the days when records used to have limited runs and fans would go crazy to own 1 out of the 1000 available records? Bring this exclusive content back to fans and allow them to own a piece of your artistic history.

And for the fans... they get a more intimate experience, getting access to exclusive content and can own a piece of their favourite artists history.



$DBUY serves as the currency of the platform, which is used to purchase Music NFTs.

It also serves as the governence token, giving investors voting rights for the future of the EARSHOT platform.



Earshot is the solution to the musicians problems. A music NFT platform, giving artists the freedom and control over the music and earnings.



Music NFTs are the future of music. Get ahead of the curve and join our already confirmed artists. We are investing millions of $'s into marketing, meaning your exposure on the EARSHOT platform will be unmissable.